Are you a city or town?

  • Need to develop your IT solutions? Is your IT system becoming strategic but also complex to manage? What if an IT manager takes a closer look at your IT?
  • In IT too, it is not always easy to choose the right direction! Why not hire an IT director to advise you on your strategic choices?


Today, the management of a city or a municipality is similar to the management of a business. In any business, information and communication technologies play an important role.

As the manager of a city or a municipality, managing your information system is certainly becoming increasingly strategic and complex.

The development of specifications, the selection of suppliers or IT service providers as well as the coordination of these often take time. In addition, technologies evolving rapidly, it is not always easy to make choices of architecture and infrastructure while ensuring the consistency of the entire information system.

In large companies, these activities are handled by the Chief Information Officer (CIO), also known as an IT manager.

Don't have an IT manager? Why not use, at the desired frequency, a time-sharing CIO, bringing a strategic vision and technical skills, who can help and advise you usefully, completely independently?

Do you have an IT manager? Why not relieve it by occasionally calling on a time-shared CIO to deal with certain problems?

You want to hire IT staff. CIO-PME can help you in recruiting and selecting a candidate.

You want to know more about good practices in the IT management of a company, CIO-PME can offer you tailor-made training, for you or your employees.

See the "CIO Services", "dedicated services" and "training" pages for more information.