Interim CIO Services

  • Interim CIO services. Call on CIO-PME for short-term interim requests for all or part of the functions of IT manager or project manager.


You had an IT manager but he is no longer there.  Your IT manager is going on retirement and his replacement will not arrive on time.  You want to hire an IT manager but it takes time and your projects are not progressing. 

The company CIO-PME can help you within the framework of a short-term interim for all or  part of the functions of IT director or project manager.

What can an interim CIO do in a short-term mission?

  • Ensure continuity of services while finding an IT director
  • Help recruit a new IT director
  • Ensure the transfer of information between the old and the new IT director
  • Monitor IT teams and current projects
  • Help start IT projects while waiting for an IT director to arrive
  • Help you set up your IT organization
  • ...

Using an interim CIO means ensuring the continuity of your business on an IT level.

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To find out more, visit the « In practice » or contact CIO-PME directly by phone or email.

The CIO services of the CIO-PME company are simple, efficient, flexible solutions adapted to your needs!