Are you a self-employed person?

  • In IT too, it is not always easy to choose the right direction! Why not hire an IT director to advise you on your strategic choices?


As a self-employed person, you are certainly confronted every day with information and communication technologies.

Your activity is growing and managing your IT is becoming more complex.  Why not call CIO-PME , your IT advisor, who will guide you in your IT choices?

You want better integration between your tools or different equipment as well as better organization of your information.  Why not call on a CIO who can advise you usefully?

You plan to renew your equipment but would like advice beforehand.  CIO-PME can help you choose the equipment suited to your activity.

You want to set up a website, an e-commerce site and take advantage of social networks to increase your visibility but you do not know where to start or which provider to turn to.  Why not ask for advice from an experienced CIO who can explain the different practices to you, help you write specifications and / or help you select a service provider suited to your needs?

You have one or more IT providers and you want to be relieved of the coordination of these providers.  Why not entrust this task to a CIO who would help you a few hours a month?

CIO-PME offers you CIO services adapted to your freelance activity. The formulas by monthly subscription or à la carte, of one or two hours, are particularly adapted to your needs.

You want to know more about good IT practices,  CIO-PME can also offer you tailor-made training or support.

Consult our "CIO Services" as well as our "dedicated services" to find out more.