CIO-PME, a little history

It was on July 2, 2012 that Alain Sayez decided to launch the CIO-PME project, an innovative concept in Belgian SMEs in terms of IT: timeshare IT management. CIO-PME offers SMEs of all sizes to become their IT manager (CIO) over the long term, without the constraints of a commitment, in the form of a service contract, for a few hours or a few days a month.

Capable of developing a strategic vision while being operational in the field, CIO-PME poses as a real IT right-hand of the manager of the company, allowing him to focus on his core business.

CIO-PME defines the IT strategy, optimizes the information system, follows IT contracts, establishes specifications, coordinates the work of service providers or internal IT staff, manages IT projects, helps in the choice of IT solutions in all independence from IT suppliers and service providers.

In 2017, CIO-PME decided to grow with the hiring in March 2017 of a new IT director serving SMEs.

In 2019, CIO-PME continued its evolution and hired an additional IT director.

In 2022, CIO-PME celebrates its 10 years of existence. 10 rich years of human encounters and exciting projects.

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