Part-time CIO services

  • Part-time CIO services. From one day to several days per month, all the formulas are possible according to your needs.


You wish to benefit from the services of an IT director but you do not wish to hire a full-time IT director. 

CIO-PME offers you the services of a part-time CIO, at the desired frequency. From a few hours to several days a month or a week, your IT director will take charge of your company's IT activity in an operational manner.

What can a part-time CIO actually do?

  • Propose and implement your company's IT strategy
  • Manage your information system, budgets and IT contracts
  • Manage your IT suppliers and service providers
  • Establish specifications and select suppliers or service providers
  • Monitor IT teams and current projects
  • Help with the configuration of IT solutions / software
  • Free yourself from daily IT management
  • Allow you to focus on your core business
  • ...

Using a part-time CIO means benefiting from the services of an IT director at a lower cost.

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To find out more, visit the « In pratice » page or contact CIO-PME directly by phone or email.

The CIO services of CIO-PME are simple, efficient, flexible solutions adapted to your needs!