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Do we need to hire staff to benefit from the services of a timeshare CIO?

No. There is no need to hire staff. A simple monthly  invoice is sent to the company based on the services provided by the CIO.

How often does a part-time CIO work?

We determine together the frequency of the services according to your needs. Depending on the size of your company, we can agree to carry out a mini preliminary audit in order to measure the complexity of your information system. Our part-time CIO services can range from 1 day per month to a few days per week, but we are open to other modes of operation. 
You can also decide at any time to stop the collaboration with the company CIO-PME.

Can I use my CIO part-time outside of the days of service?

Difficulties can arise at any time. Your part-time CIO remains reachable outside the days of services initially scheduled.

Are there any conditions to subscribe to a "CIO subscription" service?

Outside of a recurring service contract, you can opt for a monthly subscription to CIO services. The only requirement to subscribe to this subscription is that CIO-PME has performed a mini audit in the company.  You will be able to call by phone or email your CIO who can advise or collaborate with you on a specific issue.

How long is a mini audit, prior to the "CIO subscription" service?

In order to be able to effectively advise the company, it’s necessary for the CIO to have a minimum of knowledge about the information system and the functioning of the company. An analysis of the situation is therefore necessary. The duration of a mini audit can range from a few hours to a few days depending on the size of the company and the complexity of its information system.

How does the "CIO subscription" offer work?

When you take out a monthly subscription for the services of a CIO, you can reach your CIO by email or telephone. The amount of the subscription depends on the duration of the desired monthly services. Thus, if you choose, for example, a subscription of 1 hour per month, you will be able to telephone your CIO for a total duration of one hour over the month or this one will work the equivalent of one hour on a problem that you will have submitted to him. The CIO subscription offer is the assurance of the availability of your CIO when you need it.

Are the different CIO service formulas combinable?

You can combine the "CIO à la carte" and "CIO subscription" formulas.

What is the position of the CIO in timeshare in my SME?

Your timeshare CIO is your right hand for IT matters. Depending on the size of your business, its structure and your wishes, it can take part in the various committees that make up your business.

What about the confidentiality of my business information?

No information about your business will be passed on to others.

What about intellectual property?

All documents produced by CIO-PME for your business remain your property.

As a NPO (nonprofit organization), can we call on CIO-PME?

Whatever the legal form of your business, CIO-PME is at your service.

Is there a difference between an IT Director and CIO timeshare?

No. In large companies, it’s the CIO (Chief Information Officer) who manages IT issues. The notion of IT Director is often used in small and medium-sized businesses. Even if the complexity of information systems is sometimes different depending on the size of the company the CIO and IT Director do the same job.


If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.