Current trends


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within a SME can offer many advantages, including improved operational efficiency and decision-making. AI can help businesses automate processes, predict future trends, and provide valuable recommendations to improve business operations.

Cloud computing

You want to benefit your business from new services but you don’t want to increase the size of your infrastructure, why not take advantage of cloud computing and the pooling of IT resources?

Cloud computing allows you to take advantage of infrastructure and services without having to install them on site. Many services are now available to SMEs at a reasonable cost. These services, available online on the Internet, cover a large number of areas (ERP, messaging, calendar, collaborative and office automation tools, voice over IP, telephone exchanges, storage, audio / video streaming, etc.).

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Mobile devices

The arrival of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, ...) and their applications radically changes not only the use of IT in the company but also the use by customers or individuals. Adapting your tools and websites for these mobile devices has become essential.  

Communication modes

Communication and advertising methods are constantly changing to better adapt to new behaviors. The use of social media is a good example.

Customers are also changing their habits and are now demanding adequate IT resources from their suppliers. Online access to data or the situation of customer requests has become essential in certain sectors.

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