Are you a business executive?

  • IT takes you time? Need to focus on your core business? A timeshare IT director is the solution! Simple, efficient, economical, flexible and adapted to your needs!
  • Besoin de faire évoluer vos solutions  informatiques ? Votre informatique devient stratégique mais aussi complexe à gérer ? Et si un directeur informatique regardait votre informatique de plus près ?
  • Need to develop your IT solutions? Is your IT system becoming strategic but also complex to manage? What if an IT manager takes a closer look at your IT?


As a business manager, you are confronted every day with information and communication technologies.
You want to control your information system but you think that an IT Director or more generally a Chief Information Officer (CIO) would cost you too much? Why not use a timeshare CIO present a few days a week, a month or as often as you want?

Your business is growing and managing your information system is becoming more and more strategic and complex.  Why not call on a CIO with a strategic vision, technical skills and listening to the different business stakeholders?

You ask one or more members of your staff to manage your IT problems, but they can no longer focus on your business.  Why not hire a CIO on a timeshare basis to take care of IT-related issues or who can advise your staff dedicated to IT management?

You have one or more IT providers and you want to be relieved of the coordination of these providers.  Why not entrust this task to a CIO who would help you a few days a month?

You have an IT manager but he is overworked.  Why not relieve it by calling on an occasional CIO to deal with certain problems?

You have difficulty recruiting an IT manager.  Why not hire an acting CIO while you find the right person?

You want to hire IT staff.  CIO-PME can help you in recruiting and selecting a candidate.

You want to know more about good practices in the IT management of a company,  CIO-PME can offer you tailor-made training , for you or your employees.


See also "CIO Services" and "Dedicated services".