Training for SMEs

  • Courses, Seminar, Trainings, individual support for your SME


The company CIO-PME can provide a certain number of personalized  training courses, in the form of courses or seminars, either within SMEs or in places dedicated to training.

Our training mainly concerns IT management in companies, architecture of information systems as well as the use of information and communication technologies.

We support companies that are starting up or start-ups in order to help them choose from the start good IT directions for their business or to select with them IT providers corresponding to their needs.

We offer also end user security awareness training to improve the security behavior of your employees, focused on the entire company or by single or multiple division(s).  

We also accompany, in all discretion if necessary, company directors and executives, freelancers and political leaders in order to popularize IT concepts, train them in new information and communication technologies or advise them on different strategic IT options.

When planning your training, we will ensure, together with you, that your training program meet the required company needs.  

We are also open to any request for specific training.