CIO Services On-demand

  • CIO services on demand. Call, on request, on the services of an IT manager. All activities usually covered by an IT manager are available by request.


You wish to take advantage of the services of an IT director to help or advise you in the context of an IT problem. 

CIO-PME gives you access, on demand, to all the activities usually covered by an IT manager.

What can a "CIO on-demand" actually do?

  • Audit your IT situation and suggest improvements
  • Carry out a strategic plan
  • Help you set up your IT organization
  • Offer tools adapted to your activity
  • Establish specifications and select suppliers or service providers
  • Take charge of an IT project and follow up on possible service providers
  • Monitor IT teams and current projects
  • Help with the configuration of IT solutions / software
  • Analyze IT contracts
  • Analyze application files for IT recruitment
  • ...

Using an à la carte CIO is helping you in the context of a specific IT problem.

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To find out more, visit the « In practice » page or contact CIO-PME directly by phone or email

The CIO services of CIO-PME are simple, efficient, flexible solutions adapted to your needs!