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CIO-PME is a consultancy  and services company whose main purpose is the provision of a timeshare IT department to companies. It also offers a number of specialized services in the fields of IT and multimedia as well as IT training to support and advise businesses.

CIO-PME is aimed at:

  • Small and medium-sized businesses regardless of legal status
  • To business leaders, the self-employed, cities and towns, IT managers, training centers, etc.
  • To all sectors (research and consultancy, industry, commerce, liberal professions, official bodies, administrations, education and training establishments, leisure, etc.)
  • To growing companies, to companies in creation, to startups,…
  • ...

CIO-PME actively wishes to participate in the development of companies located in the Walloon region, in the Brussels region, in the north of France and the Paris region, in particular by using information and communication technologies as a vector of growth.

CIO-PME received the Mercure innovation prize in 2012 .

Avenue de l'Hôpital, 56 - B-7000 Mons
Phone : +32 65 98 00 24 - Fax : +32 65 98 00 32
VAT BE 0847.028.249 - RPM Mons